About Us

Tassels India is Proprietor Company owned by Mr. Shivam Deval

tasselsindia.com has the know how of in's and out's of the manufacturing techniques of tassels, tiebacks, fringes and Decorative home accessories etc. which assist the company to achieve the best results and to minimize the production cost. We provide our customers the best quality of products at the minimum price which is our specialty and strength as well. Our motto is to satisfy our customers in every aspect without reducing quality of the products which distinguish tasselsindia.com from other ones. We also provide and develop samples to our customer's choice and/or as per their requirement.


Our craftsmen manufacture as well as perform high quality professional work of tassels in house to develop excellent products for upright attraction to home and other decoration places in lowest price, so we are creating different designs of tassels, tiebacks items to make home looks incomparable for on looker in now modern world.